• James Walton

Why It's Called Trellis Group

I started this company and called it Trellis Group because of twin convictions:

First, I was (and still am!) convinced that management is holy work.

By holy, I mean imbued with power beyond the immediate here and now to impact the lives of people for good. If you can move the needle in a positive direction on managerial behavior, everyone wins.

Underneath everything I do lies this conviction: management is holy work.

Second, I believe every business owner and team leader should have access to the frameworks they need to thrive.

I saw so many of my friends start businesses because they were really good at the product or service that got them started in the first place. But everything else that goes into running a business is like a tax they have to play this other game of doing the thing they really enjoy.

As a result, the organization and the leader suffer in equal measure. I saw an opportunity to fill that gap with my expertise in the areas that others lacked, and thus Trellis Group was born.

I see the services this company provides as similar to growing grapes. If you plant a grape vine but don't give it a trellis to run along, you get a big mess on the ground. Nobody goes into the grape business because they love trellises, but without them, there's no way for the grape vine to be as fruitful as it could be.

The Trellis Group to your organization, therefore, is like the trellis to a grapevine: providing the structure that allows you to flourish.

If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your work, reach out. The Trellis Group can help you create the structure you need to thrive.


At Trellis Group, we believe chaos is the enemy of the small business. It's our mission to partner with small business owners and their teams to develop the managerial practices and processes to crush chaos. If you feel overwhelmed and need a proven system to focus on the next best thing, we can help. Companies who work with us see revenues go up, anxiety go down, and work becomes a force multiplier for good in the lives of your people. Reach out to discover how the Trellis Group can help you crush chaos.


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