• James Walton

When in Doubt, Estimate

"When in doubt, estimate. When in an emergency, guess. But be sure to go back and clean up the mess when the real numbers come along."

This is Rule 10 of Akin's Laws of Spacecraft Design, a helpful list of 44 maxims that bear surprising application to things not involving spacecraft.

In other words, don't let fear, uncertainty, and doubt paralyze you into not estimating at all.

The value that comes from plotting your ideas out, articulating your reasoning and committing to a particular course of action is a better use of time than not taking any action at all.

Of course it will be wrong. Nothing is ever right the first time, or the 3rd. But just as it's difficult to steer a parked car, so too is it difficult to improve a project that has yet to begin.

When in doubt, estimate.

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