• James Walton

Two Ways a Cover Letter Can Help You Land a Dream Job

2 quick things to keep in mind:

Including a cover letter makes you stand out.

Most people don't bother with cover letters. For long-term job seekers, crafting a unique cover letter for each application is tedious, but it communicates care and value up front. You'll distinguish yourself from other applicants through a thoughtful and short(!) cover letter.

Position yourself as a solution to the problem.

Why does the job exist? Probably to make or save the company money, or to improve the customer or employee experience. Think about some specific challenges present in one of those scenarios, and articulate how you are equipped to solve it.People get paid to solve problems, so define the problem and offer yourself as the solution. Talk about ways you solved similar problems before and what positive result occurred on account of your activity. The thought you're trying to put into the hiring manager's mind is: "if I hire this person, I won't have this problem anymore."


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