• James Walton

Three Ways to a Better Thank You

One of the most effective actions a leader can take to build trust and encourage performance on their team is to say "Thank you."

Here's three ways to make your thanks more effective:

  1. Make it specific. Say the words, "thank you for..." and fill in the blank with the specific behavior or outcomes you appreciate. It's the difference between a generic and forgettable act, and a highly intentional and memorable one. The extra moment of effort to articulate what you're thankful for makes all the difference.

  2. Make it timely. Catch your people in the act of doing something you appreciate and make the thanks as closely connected to it as possible. Of course, some thanks is better than nothing, so if you have to loop around to it the next day or next week, that's fine too.

  3. Make it public. Some things are worth celebrating in front of others. If someone has surprised and delighted the customer, then make a point to celebrate them. After all, what gets rewarded gets repeated. (Warning: there's a fair amount of personality types that would be horrified to be recognized publicly. Know this about your team members and adjust accordingly).

A grateful leader is an effective leader.



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