Three Questions to Unlock Your Team's Potential

It's a common scenario: something on the team has gone wrong and we need to fix it. You're the leader and you've got the role power and the know-how. A team member comes to you looking for help.

When this kind of thing happened before, you tried being the messiah before and you solved the problem. But you didn't strengthen the team in the process. And now a new fire has erupted for you to put out. 

Is there a different way?

Humble inquiry suggests there is. 

Here's three specific questions you can use with your team to help strengthen them while solving the problem:

  1. What is the challenge you're facing? Keep pressing till you get closer to a root cause. A well-defined problem is half-solved already.

  2. If you could try anything to solve this, what would you try? Sometimes reframing the question without the boundaries of what's realistic unlocks an innovative way of thinking.

  3. And what else? Probably the most important follow-up question possible. It signals there's always more solutions to explore.

Sometimes directive leadership to avert a crisis is necessary.

And sometimes taking a moment to ask a few good questions will unlock your team's potential.

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