• James Walton

The Quickest Way to Accomplish More

The quickest way to accomplish more is to schedule your priorities. Productivity is primary an activity in subtraction, not addition, so spend about 15 minutes a day planning your work.

  • What are the highest priorities you must accomplish this week?

  • What's the next step you can take today to accomplish them?

Having identified them, put time in your calendar to work on those things. You may have your schedule largely kept in your head and you know when what gets done, but putting it in your calendar ensures that (almost) nothing else can derail you from accomplishing the core objectives of your work. Having a sense of accomplishment each day that you planned your work and worked your plan – and you took tangible steps towards accomplishing key objectives - is one of the greatest sensations in the world. Being ripped to and from various unrelated activities and making no measurable headway on any of them is demoralizing. Calendaring your priorities – and safeguarding that time jealousy – is central to achieving productivity, not just busyness. If it gets put on your calendar, the chances of it getting done go up exponentially. 

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