• James Walton

The Project Management Pain Curve

Updated: Feb 28

If you've ever been tasked with solving a challenge, delivering a new product, or increasing an operational efficiency, you've suddenly become a project manager. And you have a choice to make.

The choice is whether you'll absorb the pain of the project at the beginning, or at the end.

On a graph, it looks like this (pardon the hasty handwriting)

You can either spend a little extra time up front clarifying the scope of work, the key milestones, the potential risks and the ground-rules for communication,* or not.

Projects are where organizations make their mark in the world, and where you can make a mark in your career. When tasked with a project, choose your pain curve wisely.

*(h/t to this book for the pain curve and Seth Godin for an excellent list of "How We Do Things Around Here" that will make your next project so much better. His maxim that 'we don't sprint at the end, we spring at the beginning' was part of the inspiration for this post.)


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