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The Golden Rule of Meetings

The Golden Rule of Meetings:

Make them no longer than they need to be.

Three ways to accomplish this:

  1. Have an agenda. Communicate it ahead of time if possible, and declare the intended outcomes at the beginning. If something surfaces during the meeting unrelated to the agenda you have two choices: (1) make a note and add it to an upcoming agenda (preferred) or (2) discuss it then and there (rarely).

  2. Be ruthless with the invite list. The agenda defines who is required to contribute, and therefore, who is not. Most people are comfortable being uninvited from a meeting if they know they'll get a recap of the key takeaways afterwards. However, in order for most people to buy in to a decision, they need to weigh in, so hold this tension carefully.

  3. End once the meeting is over. The meeting's purpose is to accomplish the agenda, not fill a predetermined amount of time. A 45 minute agenda accomplished in 25 minutes is a glorious thing. Once complete, release.

Saving even five minutes off your next meeting can make a big difference in the life of everyone who attended. Aim for it.


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