• James Walton

The Difference between a System and a Mess

The difference between a task management system and a mess is where you keep your lists.  A series of sticky notes crumpled in the bottom of your purse is not a task management system. It's a mess. Sharpie on your forearm isn't a task management system. It’s a mess. There is a wide array of digital and analog alternatives – the key is to find a system that works for you, not one you constantly have to tend to. Organizing your tasks should be frictionless, accessible from nearly anywhere, and ingrained in your thinking as the go-to repository for your stray thoughts, mental reminders and the day to day tasks that define your work. Some old-school style folks swear by Moleskine as the perfect task management system. I’m more of a Trello guy because it effectively mimics a sticky note system while having the benefit of following me everywhere. Other people lean more towards Evernote.  Still others find a yellow pad and checked boxes to be their jam. Whatever. The means is not nearly as important as the method. Experiment. See what works. If you’re happy with your system, try a new one to see if it provides something you never thought about before. The key is to have a single place (or separate places for the same types of things) to organize your lists. At the end of the day, we all benefit if there's less of a mess.

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