• James Walton

Replace Your Bath Towels

My wife returned from Costco recently with a giant pile of new bath towels.

This surprised me, as we already have bath towels.

"I'm replacing our bath towels," she announced, in case I failed to make the connection. "Here, try these new ones."

I did. I was stunned. It was like being wrapped up in a hug by a full-length puppy.

My problem is that I could go to my grave accepting my current bath towels as adequate, never imagining that something that much better could be out there.

Sometimes the change you need in life requires the presence of a thoughtful and caring other to illuminate a course of action you can't see.

There's almost always a more effective or enjoyable way to do something you're already doing. And someone else has that answer. Surround yourself with thoughtful and caring people, and don't be afraid to trade what's adequate for what's amazing.


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