• James Walton

I Tried the Pomodoro Technique to Crush Procrastination - Here's What Happened

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

We've talked before on the power of avoiding large open blocks of time on your calendar as a tool to avoid procrastination. Here's another: Use a Pomodoro timer to focus your work. The reasoning here is simple yet effective: you have 25 minutes before the timer goes off. Pick the task you've been avoiding and commit to do nothing else until the timer rings. Several things may happen:

  • Having worked in a straight line for 25 minutes, you'll realize the issue you've been avoiding isn't nearly as large as first feared. If it remains incomplete after the first sprint, take a 5 minute breather, then return to the work.

  • Having attempted to work in a straight line for 25 minutes, you'll notice how easily distracted you are. You never know the strength of your temptations until you try to resist them. If you failed to complete the 25 minutes due to your own wanderings, take a moment to rearrange your digital or physical environment to remove the temptation. Far better to remove a temptation than be condemned to resist it.

  • Having attempted to work in a straight line for 25 minutes, you'll notice how in-demand by your team you are. If you failed to complete the 25 minutes due to outside interruptions, it represents a larger symptom of your organization requiring your near-constant input to maintain course. This is problem, of which you are well aware. There are several options, including inviting a competent outside advisor to help you assess to issue and provide a pathway towards clarity.

_____________________________________________ At Trellis Group, we believe chaos is the enemy of the small business. It's our mission to partner with small business owners and their teams to develop the managerial practices and processes to crush chaos. If you feel overwhelmed and need a proven system to focus on the next best thing, we can help. Companies who work with us see revenues go up, anxiety go down, and work becomes a force multiplier for good in the lives of your people. Reach out to discover how the Trellis Group can help you crush chaos.


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