• James Walton

Onboarding 101

There's a lot of steps to the hiring process, like determining what type of employee is right for your organization, writing a compelling job posting, and abiding by the golden rule of recruitment. But what happens after you make the hire? What then? An effective onboarding process will answer these questions for your new team member:

What do we believe around here?

How are the beliefs of the organization articulated and lived out? Is what is said reinforced by what is done? What kind of behavior gets acknowledged and rewarded? How are problems resolved?

What are my strengths?

Can I become known for what I'm good at? Will I have an opportunity to put my experience and skills into practice here? Will there be opportunities to learn and grow?

What is my role?

Who do I report to? How is this work measured? Do I have a say in what gets done next? How is missing goals handled? How is exceeding goals rewarded?

Who are my partners?

What are the priorities of my colleagues? How is trust and rapport built between us? Where do I fit in the organizational chain? Who depends on my work? Whose work do I depend on?

What does my future look like here?

Where does this role lead? Is there a line-of-sight between this and the next thing? Is my supervisor invested in my success? Have others in similar roles been promoted? What's the average tenure of my colleagues? An onboarding process, done right, can accelerate the effectiveness of your new hire, reduce organizational friction, and help build a healthy culture. If you'd like assistance in helping design an onboarding process that fits your needs, reach out. I can help.


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