• James Walton

New Hire's 1st Day? Do These 3 Things

There's 5 questions every onboarding process should answer for the new team member.

Here's three more areas of focus to ensure your new hire is off to the right start.

1. Logistics

These are the transactional formalities that need to be in place to onboard a new hire. Often handled by an HR department, these are the essential steps without which the employee cannot be paid and you cannot be in compliance. If you're an HR department of one, or new to the responsibility, focus on these things:

  • I-9 verification

  • Direct Deposit

  • Payroll withholding form

  • Benefits enrollment

  • Employee handbook

  • Job description

2. Culture

It's a worthwhile exercise to determine who we are, and who we're not. The more you externalize and articulate your cultural values, the more likely the new hire will understand what it takes to fit in here. Walk through these documents with your new hire. Tell stories about how these values are expressed and tie your core values to calendar events, promotion criteria and performance assessment.

3. Tools

What are the tools / platforms / software / apps your organization uses to:

  • Communicate internally

  • Communicate externally

  • Schedule calendar events

  • Host online meetings

  • Store and collaborate on documents and files

  • Track projects and tasks

  • Process payroll

  • Administrate benefits

  • Reconcile expenses

  • Manage employee stock options (if applicable)

There's probably more for you. Make a list of your tool stack, provide links to any applicable training, and articulate why staying consistent with these tools is crucial. This will help with adoption and utilization of the tools.

What else would you add to this list? What do you think is critical for new hires to learn on the first day?


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