Increasing Employee Engagement Starts with this Conversation

The data suggests that employee engagement - the emotional commitment between the employee and the organization and its goals - is low. Some symptoms of low employee engagement include:

  • Higher delinquency

  • Lower productivity

  • Decreased collaboration

  • Increased turnover

The cure is multi-faceted, and no single solution is a silver bullet that will solve your organizational ills.

However, having a personal and career development conversation with your people on a regular basis is a place to start.

Development conversations focus on:

Why we do the work

Simon Sinek's famous, Start with Why speech is still true. People need to know and understand the why of what the organization is about, and be aligned to it, before they'll give their best.

How we do the work

Spend some time asking your people what they would change around here if they were in charge. What should be stopped? Started? Continued? Not every idea can be implemented, but people need to weigh in before they can buy in.

Where we go from here

If a high performing employee can't see a direct line between their current portfolio of responsibilities and the next move forward for their career, they'll start looking for other opportunities. It's your job as a manager to help your people manage their career, explore the next steps, and help them succeed. Even if it means seeing them move on, you'll find that developing a robust cohort of alumni is more valuable than keeping someone who's outgrown their role.

Make a habit of incorporating development conversations into your one on ones with your directs.

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