• James Walton

How to Make Time to Read

Mark Twain probably didn't say that the man who doesn't read has no advantage over the man who can't, but it's still true.  So here's a few thoughts on increasing the time spent reading good books:

  1. Don't let perfect be the enemy of better. Set goals to read more than you currently do, and be gracious with yourself if you don't achieve them 100%

  2. Like any self-improvement venture, guilt and shame are not your friends. Measure how much you read (either by time spent or pages read) and celebrate what you've accomplished rather than beat yourself up over what you didn't.

  3. Make picking up a book easy. If it's in view and in reach, it's easier to pick up. For instance, if you charge your phone on your bedside table overnight, move the charger across the room and place a book next to your bed.

  4. It's far easier to remove temptation than resist it. The competition against reading is fierce. Part of choosing reading is not choosing every other thing that competes for your attention. Again, put your phone across the room. 

  5. Have the next book already picked out. You'll read far more throughout the year if you pre-decide that you'll read every day and have the next book already in mind. 

Reading remains one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your business. Over time, your thinking will be shaped by the thoughts and experiences of other wise people, and you and everyone who depends on you will benefit because of it. What other tips would you give me? What's a good book you've read recently? I'm curious. Let me know.

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