How to Know You're Getting the Most Important Work Done

One of Peter Drucker’s tools when coaching executives is to have them – or an assistant – record everything they do in 5 minute increments. It’s the only real way to determine where one’s time is actually spent and, therefore, what value one actually provides to the organization.

Every time I have done this (usually in 15 minute increments) I am surprised at how different my perception of how I spend my time is from the reality.

Do this for a week, and then categorize the time you spent. How closely did it match the work required to complete the top two lines of your job description?

Backfilling your calendar is the best way to know if you're getting the most important work done. 


At Trellis Group, we believe chaos is the enemy of the small business. It's our mission to partner with small business owners and their teams to develop the managerial practices and processes to crush chaos. Revenues go up, anxiety goes down, and work becomes a force multiplier for good in the lives of your people. Reach out to discover how the Trellis Group can help you crush chaos.


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