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How to Create a Compelling Job Posting [FREE Template]

A job posting is the document you post online to attract potential applicants to your organization. Separate from a job description, a job posting is public-facing, part descriptor and part marketing collateral.

A well-written job posting can distinguish your organization from the horde, and attract high quality people to your team.

Here's a simple template you can use:

Who We Are

A brief paragraph about your organization, what it does, what it makes it unique.

What We're Looking For

A high level overview of why this job exists, what team it's apart of, and how this work connects to the organization's mission.

What You'll Do

A bulleted list of key activities. If you've already developed the job description, pull from the list of essential functions.

To Be Successful in This Role

A bulleted list of qualifications that you deem critical for the applicant to possess.

Our Values

This is part of your chance to sell the organization to the applicant. What do you stand for? What are your distinctives? What aspect of your firm's personality do you want the applicant to know?

Our Perks

Another bulleted list of benefits including insurance coverage, retirement, PTO and sick leave, and any other amenities your company offers. If you're smaller and don't have Foosball and free gym memberships to throw around, emphasize the community feel of your team and the chance to create meaningful impact.

I'm a believer in posting the salary range up front. It respects everyone's time.

An Overview of the Interview Process

This is something is saw Michael Erisman do in a recent job posting and I thought was really helpful. We've already discussed the power of treating job applicants with respect by clearly communicating throughout the application process. Here, ahead of time, lay out the three or five steps your team uses to go from job posting to offer sent. It'll make everyone feel better.

Why Use this Template

This template serves both as a helpful guide to the applicant, and as a useful internal tool that helps align your hiring process. Especially if you don't have a fulltime HR person in your organization, the steps required to produce this document well will help systematize your business.

And systemizing your business will crush chaos.

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