• James Walton

Give Me a Lever Long Enough...

My back fence needed to be stained recently. So after 45 minutes of YouTube tutorials, two trips to the hardware store, five hours of labor and one paired of ruined pants later, my fence didn't need to be stained anymore.

And the most valuable tool I used that whole time? The humble painter's pole. A simple stick. Lowly and unassuming, the painter's pole represents a powerful force: leverage. Instead of bending over and standing back up one billion times, I stood at a distance, moving my arms slightly and allowing the amplifying power of the painter's pole to do the work. 

Such is the power of leverage. 

Leverage is the talent you've honed into a skill, able to be deployed across a wide variety of contexts and circumstances.

Leverage is the stable of mentors you've cultivated, who are happy to hear from you and eager to help you make sense of the challenges you face.

Leverage is the ability to assemble a high-performing team and trust their diverse skills to supersede your individual effort.

Leverage is the physical, financial, and emotional assets you've accumulated that allow you to withstand the storms of life.

Leverage is recognizing that 80% of your results are tied to 20% of your activity, and then having the wisdom and courage to double-down on the 20% that makes all the difference.

Learn to recognize the power of leverage. With enough of it, you'll move the world. 


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