• James Walton

Four Questions to Ask Before You Hire

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

You've got your eye on a candidate you think would be a great fit for the team. What can you do to ensure it will help drive the business forward?

Asking these four questions may help:

1) Who? Does this candidate demonstrate the characteristics vital to success? Once you've solved for that side of the equation, be sure to ask strong behavioral interview questions to determine if the skill set is right for role.

2) What? What's the need in the company? Determine what success looks like and how you'll measure it. In general, solve for "who" before you solve for "what." Talented, driven, effective professionals will always be to find a place in the organization to deliver value.

3) When? Especially in startup ventures determining when a candidate comes on board is vital to the success of the company. Too early and you weight the business down with unnecessary overhead. Too late and you miss a key talent. Be certain your window of need matches their window of opportunity. When in doubt, take the talent. Again, solve for "who" before solving for "what."

4) How Much? Compensation is just one factor in whether a candidate decides to join the team, but it's an important one. Similarly, the increase in fixed costs to the firm is just one factor to consider when hiring, but it's an important one. Research accurate industry data and set benchmarks for salaries inside your firm. And always connect with your finance person before pulling the trigger to get a clear-eyed view of the financial implications involved in the offer.

What other questions do you ask to ensure you're getting the best possible hire?

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