• James Walton

Four HR Documents Every Business Needs

Small businesses account for 99.9% of all US enterprises. They truly are the backbone of the American economy. Here's four key HR documents every small business needs to be their best:

  1. Employee Handbook: this document outlines the employer / employee relationship, articulates the many different policies impacting the team member and serves as an introduction to the culture of the organization. Due to the frequent changes in labor laws, employee handbooks should be audited and updated every 12-18 months.

  2. Job Descriptions: a legally compliant, updated job description is the best tool to define who to hire. It clarifies essential functions, competencies, physical demands, and the work environment the role operates in. Without it, confusion and unmet expectations are likely to result.

  3. Compensation Analysis: How did you decide how much to pay your team? This is one area where 'winging it' will put you at a disadvantage. Compensation data, geographically adjusted for your region, will aid you in establishing salary bands for your roles. In turn, this will help prevent attrition and increase the attractiveness of your job posting.

  4. Organizational Chart: These can be drawn in a variety of ways, but all serve the same function: to clarify lines of authority and responsibility. Everyone needs to know who is in charge of what, and an org chart is a simple and vital tool to reduce confusion and increase operational efficiency.

If you would like assistance in creating or updating these core HR documents so you can focus on running a successful small business, reach out.

_____________________________________________ At Trellis Group, we believe chaos is the enemy of the small business. It's our mission to partner with small business owners and their teams to develop the managerial practices and processes to crush chaos. If you feel overwhelmed and need a proven system to focus on the next best thing, we can help. Companies who work with us see revenues go up, anxiety go down, and work becomes a force multiplier for good in the lives of your people. Reach out to discover how the Trellis Group can help you crush chaos.


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