Define What Right Looks Like

Updated: Mar 2

If you'd like to receive this in your inbox every Tuesday and Friday morning, click here. A leader takes the responsibility to define what right looks like. Here's why:

  • Team members will want to know if they're meeting spec. Helping them understand what the success metrics are creates the clarity that drives commitment.

  • You're responsible for delivering quality results. Don't assume your team shares your vision of what quality looks like.

Here's three ways to define what right looks like:

Proactively communicate.

On everything. We've talked already about the fastest way to prevent confusion and conflict is to develop a user's guide to working with you. That user's guide is your chance to outline your preferences on the common behaviors of our shared work lives. For instance, I make it clear to my team to never leave me voicemails because I hate checking VMs and rarely ever do it. Far better they know that ahead of time and can use the preferred communication channels.

Create and maintain documentation.

The time spent creating process guides, visual representations, and checklists is almost always worth it. Make the documentation light-weight, simple to follow, and timely.

Celebrate when it's done well.

Saying the words, "Yes! More of that, please!" when you observe work being done right creates small markers of quality that are easier for your team to replicate time and again.

Defining what right looks like is ongoing process that results in less stress for you and more wins for your team.

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