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3 Ways to Respond to Setbacks

Updated: 3 days ago

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Yesterday, I was driving along a lonely stretch of highway through a mountain canyon when a piece of debris from an oncoming semi flew into my windshield. There was a loud bang! followed by a persistent whistling sound. The object struck the window hard enough to send spiderwebs across the whole thing. The whistling sound came from a puncture wound in the windshield at the point of impact. There's a few ways to respond to a situation like this.


I could have died if that object was a little sharper and a little to the left. Being alive and uninjured after such a thing is not to be taken for granted.


I was still responsible for driving safely. It wasn't as easy now, but it was still required.


Getting angry at the other driver accomplishes nothing. It's not right that the load wasn't tarped correctly and that my vehicle needs a new windshield, but getting angry at someone I'll never meet does little to correct any of that. Choose your emotional battles wisely. We all face setbacks and difficulty. Disappointments abound in life and business.

When they do, remember that you're blessed to still be alive (gratitude), that setbacks are opportunities, not excuses (responsibility) and that staying even-keeled gets you to the solution quicker (equanimity).

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