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Average Organizations Respond to Needs, Great Ones Do This

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

To receive these in your inbox Tuesday and Friday mornings, click here. No matter the industry, the core behaviors that drive customer success (and therefore customer retention and therefore revenue) are the same as those in the hospitality industry. You're probably not running a hotel chain (and if you are, welcome!), but your team can benefit from instilling the habits that make great hotel chains what they are.

Anticipating customer needs.

Average organizations respond to customer needs, great ones anticipate them. A place to start here is walking your team through a customer journey mapping process to identify and highlight key moments in your customer's experience of your brand. Know where those key inflection points lie and be prepared.

Delivering exceptional value.

Of course, simply anticipating what your customer needs are is insufficient. Develop key operational metrics that indicate your success, assign individuals to be responsible for them, and hold weekly speed checks to update the scoreboard and drive continuous improvement

Building relationships quickly.

The art of rapport building is a skill that anyone can learn. Especially in key customer-facing roles, those who represent the organization to others can leverage the ability to build meaningful connections with customers quickly.

Customer retention is about delivering customer outcomes (anticipating needs and delivering value) and exceeding customer expectations (building relationships quickly.)

And the people who intuitively understand this better than most are those who in the hospitality space, an industry disproportionately affected by Covid-related layoffs. If you're hiring for a customer-facing role in the future, don't overlook former hospitality professionals, they can bring a great deal of what you want to the team.


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