• James Walton

A Simple Follow Up Template to Accelerate Your Career

Perhaps the single biggest differentiator between "average" and "great" in workplace performance is follow up.

Follow up is the ability to capture the "what" of an interaction (meeting, call, email, support ticket, etc), determine the "who" and the "when" and then to actually do it

A simple way to strengthen your skill in this area is to get into the habit of following up after every substantive interaction where a deliverable was discussed. 

Here's a sample template:

Hey [colleague, boss, customer, etc]

Great connecting today. I will:

  • 1st follow up item and expected due date

  • 2nd follow up item and expected due date

  • Etc, etc

Anything to add?


The upside here is two-fold:

  • You instill confidence in your colleague by making explicit commitments to certain behaviors and deliverables.

  • You reduce ambiguity in your next best step so that by the time you sit down to do all what you've committed to, you have an accurate record of what you're responsible for and can prioritize accordingly.

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