• James Walton

A Powerful Follow-Up Strategy to Strengthen Your Network

You spent a lot of time reaching out to someone who can help accelerate your career. You've connected over coffee, you've asked engaging questions and received some wisdom that will make your tomorrow better than today.

But what about them? What could you do after your connection to strengthen the possibility that the next time you ask for their time, you get an audience?

Here's a simple and powerful strategy to get invited back to the next conversation.

After the connection, write a thank you note describing one thing in particular you'll start doing differently because of the time together.

Everyone wants to feel as though they're making a difference, and what they have to offer is valuable. By describing, in detail, the particular difference someone has made in your life, you'll reinforce your reputation as a lifelong learner and worthy recipient of someone's time and attention.

Develop the habit of showing appreciation and demonstrating application.

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