• James Walton

3 Ways Documenting Helps Your Career

Here's three reasons why getting into the habit of creating strong, contemporaneous documentation will help you excel in your professional life.


If you're junior in the organization, or even if you're not, being the note taker during a meeting or work session forces you to follow the flow of the conversation, capturing high level ideas and key takeaways. Learning to document those into an easily digestible format, and then communicating that back to the team clearly is a great way to add value early on in your career.

Record Keeping

Your brain is fantastic at generating ideas, not storing them. Our memory decays far more rapidly than we'd like to admit, so if something important happens that merits committing to record, don't wait to write it down. A brief and objective telling of events, written very shortly after the events themselves, is always better than waiting till later. And of course, when it comes to any HR issue, if you don't write it down, it didn't happen.


The writing you do in your own time (ie: journaling) untangles your thoughts, articulates your emotions, and allows you to see what's concerning you. The regular habit of documenting your life will pay dividends over time.


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