• James Walton

3 Ways a Coach Helps You Level Up

Everyone can get better. If bath towels can, so can you.

Most times, the best way to get better is with the help of a coach. Here's 3 ways a coach can help you level up:

Asks you insightful questions

The primary behavior of a coach is to engage in an inquisitive dialogue with you. Simply repeating "what worked for me" is insufficient because it ignores the nuance and complexity of individual situations. So we need a series of helpful questions to get to the heart of the matter. A coach can help you create the structure you need to reflect, clarify your principles, and move forward.

Helps you consider actions and alternatives

We can learn from books, from failure, or from others. Or better yet, we can learn from other's failures. One advantage of a coach who has been in your field for longer than you, or accomplished a thing you aspire to, or who has been a student of successful principles, is they are able to help formulate an action plan and consider alternatives.

A coach is more than a cheerleader. They are someone who can help you chart a course through troubled waters based on proven experience and hard-earned wisdom.

Identifies resources

There's no such thing as a "magic mentor." No one is a silver bullet. No one who has answers to every challenge of our lives. Someone who self-stylizes as such is likely an egomaniac and should be avoided. Rather, a helpful coach will extend their network of individuals and resources to you to provide the subject-matter expertise to take the next step.

Competent, humble, inquisitive coaching is one part of how we all level up. I have one. I am one. If you're interested in seeing how we might partner together to help you get where you want to go, reach out. I'd be happy to see if we're the right fit for each other.


At Trellis Group, we believe chaos is the enemy of the small business. It's our mission to partner with small business owners and their teams to develop the managerial practices and processes to crush chaos. If you feel overwhelmed and need a proven system to focus on the next best thing, we can help. Companies who work with us see revenues go up, anxiety go down, and work becomes a force multiplier for good in the lives of your people. Reach out to discover how the Trellis Group can help you crush chaos.


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