• James Walton

3 Things to Implement Today to Get More Done Tomorrow

The ability to execute, more so than innovation or capital, is what separates great organizations from the rest. If you're struggling to raise the level of execution in your organization, consider these ideas:

Make Success Clear

To be unclear is to unkind, they say. As a leader, take the extra moment to define, as clearly as possible, what success looks like. Every project or initiative needs a compelling vision of what victory will look like. Think of it as a game: the players are much more motivated to win if they know that winning is possible and what's required to start celebrating.

Make the Scoreboard Visible

I had a financial goal to pay off a car loan recently. If I did nothing but the minimum payments, it would take another 3 years to finish. I printed off a simple thermometer chart with $1000 increments along the side, wrote "Debt Payoff" at the top and began filling in the thermometer as I redirected more money towards this goal. Suddenly, I had a clear vision of success, and a scoreboard that could tell me exactly how far I was away from my goal. 42 days later, the loan was entirely repaid. The difference was the presence of a scoreboard.

Make the Cadence Weekly

Most initiatives don't explode, they fizzle out, become forgotten, and die a lonely death. The antidote is a weekly checkin meeting where the scoreboard is reviewed, the success metrics are reiterated, and plans are developed to accomplish them. This way, you never go more than 6 days in the wrong direction before having to recalibrate.

Are you struggling?

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