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We Exist to Spread the Message that Management is Holy Work

The Trellis Group was started because I was fascinated by the idea that management could be holy work. And by holy, I mean work can be imbued with a power to effect change far beyond its immediate implications.

A 'good day at work' goes a long way to creating a good life, and leaders most of all have the potential to create good days at work for our team.

As a business becomes more effective, and more human, everyone wins. Profits increase, engagement grows, the virtuous cycle continues. 

Trellis Consulting comes alongside clients to humbly and curiously collaborate to identifying the areas where growth can occur. And like a trellis supporting a grapevine, we help provide the necessary structure and stability to allow fruitfulness to grow.

We've helped companies gain greater clarity and joy in their work. Let's connect to see if we can do the same for you.

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